August 5-9, 2019

Cost:  Free

at Calvary Baptist Church

15155 Turner Dr. Smithfield, VA 23430

Ages 4-12

Monday – Friday

6:30 -8:30 PM


Award Ceremony – 6:30 PM

2018 VBS Soccer CAmp Highlights

Soccer Coaching  |  Drills  |  Games  |  Food  |  Bible Teaching

Soccer Coaching by long-time local IWA Parks and Rec Coaches and College Players.

Players of all ages will have a blast learning from experienced staff to learn the basics of soccer and improve their skills.

Learn about God through helpful Bible teaching and object lessons.

Children will be encouraged to learn about God and know Him for themselves in their own personal and meaningful relationship with God through Jesus Christ!

Make plans.

We’d love to have you be a part of this year’s VBS Soccer Camp.





August 5-9, 6:30 – 8:30 PM


Calvary Baptist Church

15155 Turner Drive

Smithfield, VA 23430



Can you pick me up?

Yes! Just register in the form below, and give us your address!

How Can I Help?

For more information, please contact Caleb Canavan, Youth Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Smithfield, Virginia.

Caleb Canavan

(865) 389-1015

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By signing below, I give written permission for my child to attend Calvary VBS Soccer Camp 2018. I understand the risk of injury associated with playing soccer and do not hold Calvary Baptist Church liable for any injury incurred on the property of Calvary Baptist Church. I also understand and accept the procedure for handling any emergency that arises and give Calvary Baptist Church permission to administer first-aid and contact emergency services if necessary.

What days will your child be coming? [this helps us be better prepared!]

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Walk-in registrations are welcome! Registration starts at 6 PM.
15155 Turner Drive

Smithfield VA 23430

(757) 357-5718


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